Bike Shop Insurance

You put your heart and soul into your bike shop. You scouted the right location, signed deals with your favorite bike manufacturers, hired a dedicated and passionate team of employees, and invested in the right software tools for inventory management, point of sale and payment processing. Be sure you’re protecting your investment with business insurance that’s custom-tailored for your shop.

Bike Shop Insurance offers an affordable solution to protect your business assets from the risks you face when you retail, rent, or repair bikes in your shop. Choose from a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) with general liability and commercial property coverage, or a custom-tailored solution with commercial auto, employee health, workers’ comp, and cyber liability coverage.

Whatever solution you choose, Bike Shop Insurance coverage from Aegis offers benefits beyond basic protection. We also offer you business solutions, such as risk management and loss prevention education for your employees, as well as release form templates you can use for rentals and repair work done in your store. If an incident does occur, our hand-picked team of attorneys are there to help you before it becomes a claim.

Protect your bike shop with coverage custom-tailored for your specific business, whether you specialize in road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, or anything else that rides on two-wheels.

Bike Shop Rental and Repair Liability

Adding a rental service can bring in consistent and reliable income for a bike shop. We ensure you have liability for bikes, helmets, locks, lights, bags, and other equipment that you retail, rent, or repair from your bike shop.

Guide and Lesson Coverage

If you offer lessons, guided tours, or other instructional activities, you want specific coverage for third-party injuries or medical expenses that may arise along the road if someone is hurt.

Property Protection

Commercial property coverage that follows your property wherever it may go, like off-site exhibitions, rentals and demos. You can safely take your inventory out on the road.

Cyber Protection

Protect your customer’s confidential information from the risk of cyber hacks, or lost/ stolen laptops, tablets, or computers with a cyber liability policy that includes prevention tools and rapid breach response.

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