Simple tips to keep your business prepared for any situation

This blog previously discussed the situation along the New Jersey shore, and how many companies and residential areas are working to recover from the devastation. Some shops had already braced against Hurricane Sandy, and then a fire was piled on top of that.

While the right California business insurance policy might not need to account for the same events, it is important that west coast companies prepare themselves well in advance. Reopening business doors after a natural disaster is one thing, but it is another struggle to ensure that those doors stay open. 

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article highlighted simple tips for business owners to keep in mind when planning ahead for their company. Everything from planning for a power loss to preparing employees for a disaster is crucial for an organization's longevity. Additionally, communication is key, and there should be points of contact established ahead of time so all employees understand how to keep daily operations moving.

Bob Risk works as a safety expert for Staples, and previously owned a disaster cleanup company. He explained to the news source that one mistake many companies make is that even if they survive one disaster, they do not make the necessary changes to better prepare themselves for the next one.

"I've seen people get hit with a flood, fight to get back into business, talk about how terrible it was, and then three months or three years go by and the exact same thing happens—and they haven't taken any measures to deal with it," Risk said.

Commercial property insurance and other policies must remain up-to-date so businesses can remain fully covered. No owner wants to face more than one natural disaster, but if it is to happen, better for it to occur with comprehensive business insurance in place. 




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