Preparing for an event in a risky climate? Better have the right insurance

Organizations in California, Nevada or Arizona don't have to worry too much about snow or ice, but it's always best to prepare for any weather-related incident that could impact business. 

The Northeast is getting set for an unprecedented sporting event for the region this February, as the Super Bowl—typically reserved for warm weather cities—will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Traditionally, businesses benefit tremendously when the local stadium hosts the big game. The game brings in thousands upon thousands of fans and media members who turn to local businesses for food and shopping. Some companies even schedule events to correspond with the game, which can create even more revenue-building opportunities. Most organizations adjust their projections accordingly, much as they do for the holiday shopping season.

But given the geographic location of this season's Super Bowl and the high potential for severe weather during that time of year, businesses in the New York and New Jersey area are less optimistic. The Famer's Almanac predicts a massive snow storm for the first weekend in February—the same weekend the Super Bowl is being played—which could have a major impact on events held before, during and after the game. Many of these will be hosted by local businesses.

Again, if these companies prepare for the financial benefits these events offer but are unable to participate due to the weather, the consequences could be dire. However, having the right insurance can alleviate the fallout of a severe weather-related incident.

Lori Shaw, an insurance specialist, has experienced an influx of event-cancelation policies recently because companies are concerned about snow impacting their revenue during the Super Bowl. She spoke with CNBC about this, encouraging more companies to seek out the help of commercial insurance specialists who can help them prepare for whatever weather impacts them during Super Bowl week. 

"It's an insurance most business owners probably don't have now and might not be thinking about," she said. "Those that do will be ahead of the game and in the best position to overcome the weather if and when it hits. While snow might be the most prominent risk in the Southwest, the area is not adverse to harsh weather and planned events could be canceled if such incidents occur. Having this insurance will ultimately benefit any organization across the country."




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