Study: Injury prevention professionals in Canada are more likely to get hurt

Theoretically, those who practice safety and injury prevention are less likely to get hurt as a result of an accident. This should be particularly true in the workplace, which is why organizations spend time and money teaching best practices as they pertain to the safety of workers. However, in at least one instance, those who go above and beyond to protect themselves are no safer than those who don't. In fact, they are actually at greater risk.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada found that the country's injury-prevention professionals are actually 70 percent more likely to suffer an injury that requires medical attention than the general public. This revelation has sparked a variety of reactions. Mariana Brussoni, a public health professor from the University, commented on her findings in a conversation with the National Post.

"It's remarkable. We weren't surprised when we found what we did, but we were surprised at how strong the effect was," she said. She also questioned the legitimacy of the professionals who made it their responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. "If injury prevention people can't keep themselves safe, why would people listen to them?"

As of now, there is no explanation for the findings. However, there are several theories in play. It showcases the importance of following best safety practices. If an organization is tasked with keeping others safe but doesn't use the best practices, how effective is that organization going to be? It's one thing to be set on maintaining a safer working environment and reducing the risk of an accident, but simply saying you want to be safer may not be enough. For an organization to truly protect its employees and promote workplace safety, it has to implement strategies that work within the confines of the organization.

Perhaps the injury prevention professionals have a universal plan in place that doesn't necessarily work for every individual at a particular organization. It's best to do a full evaluation of your company and examine the key factors, such as the environment and risks. 

Businesses in California should not feel threatened by this somewhat alarming report. Working with a California business insurance agency that does understand best workplace safety practices can help prevent any significant accidents. Moreover, if something should happen, having a plan in place can alleviate the ramifications of any particular incident. 




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