We Are High-Risk Fire Insurance Experts

Your family deserves to be protected from the dangers that our beautiful state presents. Many insurance companies are being scared off by the fire danger in California and are no longer writing new policies, renewing existing policies, or are substantially increasing premiums.  This makes it difficult to find proper coverage at a reasonable rate.  Aegis Insurance Markets is here to help.

For almost 20 years, Aegis Insurance Markets has been operating in Truckee, California, which regularly experiences wildfires and other natural hardships, so we understand how important it is to be protected from the unpredictable.  While many insurance companies are reluctant to renew or create new policies in high fire risk areas, Aegis refues to leave people unprotected. We are independently owned and have access to top-rated insurance providers, allowing us to search our markets and assemble a policy tailored to you at an affordable price.  No matter the dangers your area may present, Aegis is here to protect what you care about.

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