Event & Festival Insurance

Insurance for special events and festivals covers a unique set of risks that your business faces for outdoor shows, athletic events, fairs, runs, contests, tournaments and more. Your liability increases with every attendee and vendor on site, so you need a wide safety net to keep your business protected from risk.

From small celebrations to seasonal events, large performances to multi-day festivals, your event needs the custom coverage that Event and Festival Insurance provides. Every show, festival, fair, or marathon requires extensive planning and effort to execute safely and successfully. All it takes is one accident or incident, however, for an event to be ruined by a costly lawsuit or claim. With the right insurance for your festival or event, you can protect yourself, your attendees, and even your vendors.

Special Events Liability

Special events liability protects you from claims and incidents for property damage, bodily injury, medical expenses, and even fire damage. This specialized liability protection may cover collapse of temporary structure, contractual liability, and liquor liability for the safe sale of alcohol.

Vendor Liability

Vendor liability protects vendors from the specific liability risks they face as concessionaires and exhibitors at trade shows, fairs, special events, festivals, and shows. Coverage includes accidents, medical payments, bodily injury, liquor liability and more.

Event Weather Coverage

No matter how carefully you plan your special event, you can’t always plan for the weather. If unexpected rain or snowfall threatens to undo all of your hard work, event weather coverage can help the show go on with tent rentals or anything else you need.

Event Cancellation

If your event is depending on a group or performer, you can protect yourself from a financial loss arising from a non-appearance. Event cancellation coverage will help you safeguard your investment in case of a necessary cancellation, rescheduling, or postponement of your event.

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