Mobile applications can help businesses prepare for a natural disaster

Today, just about everything we do in our lives can be assisted with mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are just about everywhere: at home, on our commute and in the office. Developers are constantly breaking down the barriers of technology limitations and constructing solutions that can make virtually every aspect of our daily routine easier to manage. 

These days, mobile applications can even help business owners prepare for natural disasters. 

One of the biggest concerns of any businesses, particularly in the SMB category, is what to do when a weather-related incident hits. An earthquake, hurricane or flood can be devastating for an organization. Many who endure such events struggle to get back on their feet. Some never do, and are forced to remain closed. However, with the help of mobile technology, businesses owners can at least be more prepared when disaster strikes. 

An article in International Business Times listed five applications to help companies prepare themselves for the unexpected. They are:

  • Disaster Alert
  • Storm Tracker
  • Tsunami Alert
  • ubAlert-Disaster Alert
  • Natural Disaster Monitor

These are all for the Google Android platform, which is currently the number one mobile operating system in the world. They each give users a better idea what weather could impact their area and allow them to prepare accordingly. However, knowing a disaster is coming can only take you so far. Businesses need to prepare themselves with a plan to follow as soon as they are struck by extreme weather so they can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Organizations on the West Coast should work with a California business insurance provider to ensure they are properly prepared. 




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