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In Truckee just off of Donner Pass Road, a community has formed around one tenacious gym. Tahoe-Truckee locals and newcomers alike have found their way to Tahoe Mountain Fitness, rising with the sun for 5 AM classes or immersing themselves in a futuristic 3D cycling session. This Aegis client has become a treasured part of the community; this year they were awarded the Truckee Chamber of Commerce's award for Most Resilient Business.

Learn more about Tahoe Mountain Fitness with Faces of Aegis.

4 Questions for Tahoe Mountain Fitness

What is Tahoe Mountain Fitness?

Tahoe Mountain Fitness is a boutique fitness studio co-owned by Holly Hurst and Jon Van Roo. They offer four different studios where they offer group fitness, pilates, boxing, and cycling. If you're not in the mood for a class, they also have amenities like a sauna room and a small open gym for stretching and working out.


What inspired the founding of Tahoe Mountain Fitness? 

Holly and Jon had both been in the fitness industry for years before opening the gym and found that their careers evolved organically to a point where they were able to found their own business. 

Jon has a background in boxing and a black belt in Karate. He runs TMF’s heavy bag boxing class and karate program. His love for karate runs deep; he earned his black belt at just 15 years old. Now, TMF has 35 students in their karate program, which has been a staple of the gym for 8 years.

The gym also offers a karate kids program. Children can start the class around 5 years old if they're ready and it goes through all ages. In fact, some of the kids have been with TMF since the class began 8 years ago. Now Jon is looking forward to seeing some of his students earn their black belts.

Holly got her start in kickboxing in college, where she studied fine art. When she moved to Truckee in 2003, she found herself teaching in local areas like Truckee, King's Beach, and Incline Village. She stayed busy painting, teaching kickboxing, and waiting tables. Holly's kickboxing class has gone on for over 14 years now, and she even has some of the same students she started with.

"I taught everywhere, and all the while I was making art and waiting tables. I was making it work in Tahoe because I loved living here and snowboarding and being outside. I was in love with the community." - Holly Hurst, Owner and Director

Holly and Jon found that their business grew naturally from there. They now work with a team of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and pilates instructors. They haven't forgotten their roots; their day-to-day lives find them working as personal trainers and teaching classes as well as running and managing the business.

"We're really about the members. The members here are great because if people are looking for a gym that's not just a big box gym where they don't know anybody, we're that spot. Everybody here is very welcoming. Not only is our staff all about our community here but all the members are tight too. Everybody here is really cool." - Holly Hurst, Owner and Director

Do you have any new classes to highlight?

Holly and Jon are always looking for new ways to make TMF better. Holly was just certified as a nutritional coach and the gym is now able to offer nutrition consultations. She works with members to make meal plans based on their lifestyle and goals. She works one-on-one with clients to create personalized plans. They can even incorporate this nutrition consultation with personal training and classes to create a comprehensive plan.

You can enhance your nutrition plan with TMF's new body composition analysis machine. The machine creates a report telling you your weight, body composition, and where you have muscle and fat. The TMF team uses this to tailor members' training to their personal needs.


The gym has also recently added a unique immersive cycling program. They incorporated a 32-foot wide by 10-foot tall movie theater screen in their cycling screen. Cycling classes experience a 3-dimensional movie as they bike that pulls them into the action. The whole adventure is called “The Trip.”

How does TMF Support the Tahoe-Truckee Community?

Tahoe Mountain Fitness loves supporting local schools and nonprofits. They give to Creekside School, Truckee Elementary, Donner School, etc. They're all about community and reaching out. They even offer a discount to all Tahoe Truckee Unified School District teachers in town as a thank-you for their hard work.

Now, Holly and Jon are looking forward to Tahoe Mountain Fitness's annual Holiday Bazaar on November 12th from 3 to 7 PM. 

"We take our biggest studio room and make it into a Holiday Bazaar. A local band will play on the stage, food and drink will be served, and local artists and vendors will sell their wares for holiday gifts. We're also going to offer a bunch of free classes that night. So cycle classes, boxing, pilates, the whole darn thing is free to the public. It's our Christmas present to the community." - Holly Hurst, Owner and Director

To learn more about Tahoe Mountain Fitness and attend the Holiday Bazaar on November 12th, visit their website here.

"[Aegis] rocks. I've never even had to think about [our insurance], and that's good – you don't really want to think about your insurance, right?" - Holly Hunter, Owner and Director

"When we were going through COVID, there were a lot of unknowns, questions and concerns, and [Aegis] was super helpful in navigating through that, we appreciate that." - Jon Van Roo, Owner and Director






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