Aviation insurance protects your pilots and aircraft. We have relationships with the best aviation and insurance products from top-rated aviation insurance providers, so you can confidently cover your hulls, pilots, and passengers with the best products, and at the most competitive rates.

What does Aviation Insurance consist of?

General Aviation Insurance

General aviation insurance covers a broad range of risks for aircraft owners and pilots. We can cover your aircraft, from a single engine piston to twin engine piston, personal jet aircraft, sport aircraft, seaplanes, and even turbojet.

Whether you own and operate your own aircraft, or fly rented, borrowed, or other non-owned aircrafts, we have the right aviation insurance product to protect you, your assets, and your passengers.

Our General Aviation insurance includes:


  • Aircraft liability insurance
  • Aircraft physical damage insurance
  • Medical payments coverage



Owned Aircraft Coverage

Protect yourself with liability coverage for bodily injuries, property damage, or resulting legal defense fees arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of your owned aircraft which results in an accident. Protect your owned aircraft from damage, loss, or repair costs. Protect passengers with coverage for medical expenses for occupants of your owned aircraft.

Non-Owned Aircraft Coverage

Coverage for bodily injuries or property damage arising from your use of a non-owned aircraft, including medical expense coverage for you and any other covered passengers, such as your spouse or child. With non-owned aircraft insurance, you get coverage for damage resulting from your use of a non-owned aircraft.


Aegis Insurance Markets offers top rated aviation insurance products to protect you, your aircraft, and your passengers. We will work with you to find the right policies for your needs. We specialize in aviation insurance, and have access to a variety of insurance companies to provide a custom solution for your aircraft within your budget. Call us today at (800) 579-6369 or fill out the form below for a free quote, and we will take care of the rest.