Unexpected circumstances always loom before businesses, and the property losses incurred by companies could mount quickly if they do not take take proper precautions. A business needs to be protected from a number of different perils, including severe weather events, fire, theft, vandalism and a multitude of other threats.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance, also known as business property insurance, protects your property, inventory and other assets against loss or damage caused by an accident, theft or something outside your control. This insurance can also account for protection of lost, stolen or damaged business property that is away from the business location. It’s important for a company to look at it's daily operations, to pinpoint whether it needs an all-encompassing policy or one that caters to specific needs – such as if the organization were located in a high-risk area for flooding.  Whether you rent or own your building, commercial property insurance safeguards your investments.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

When you’re covered with commercial property insurance, you won’t have to worry about what it would cost for building repairs, or to replace your business personal property such as inventory, equipment, supplies, fixtures, or furnishings if they were damaged or lost. Commercial property insurance coverage helps you replace the business assets you need quickly, so you can keep the doors open if the unexpected happens. In some cases, you can even be compensated for items that can’t be repaired or replaced.  Your business can benefit from commercial property protection against:

Building Repairs
Whether you own or rent, repairs are covered when severe weather, fire, or vandalism strikes your place of business.

Stolen Property 
Your business assets and any client property in your possession is covered against theft and burglary.

Equipment Loss 
Even on the go, commercial property insurance can protect your business equipment such as laptops or tablets.

Accidental Damage
Your equipment, office furniture, inventory, and supplies are defended against even accidental damage.

Commercial property coverage defends your business from a multitude of threats, but may not protect you against certain perils such as earthquakes or floods. Let the business insurance experts at Aegis Insurance Markets help you determine the right amount of commercial property insurance you need to best protect your investment. Our professional agents ask the right questions in order to identify areas of possible risk and will find the right solution to protect your business from every angle.

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