Contractors and construction professionals face a variety of risks while performing their work. Construction sites expose everyone from clients to bystanders to the risk of accidents and injuries. Subcontractors and handymen who work out of client’s homes could be held liable for installing a product that inadvertently causes harm.

Affordable General Liability Insurance for Contractors.

Contractor General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance safeguards contractors and construction professionals against the risks of the trade; from construction defect claims to potential lawsuits for accidents, injuries, or property damage.

Businesses operating in construction and development trades need to protect themselves against everything from liability claims to construction defect lawsuits. There are specific policies that will cater directly to the needs of these parties and it’s essential for contractors to find the right ones for their enterprise.  It’s common practice for policies to be chosen before a contractor begins a project. This way, the contractor will not be in breach of contract should they start work before being able to provide proof that they have an insurance policy.

When selecting your contractors general liability policy, make sure to get the appropriate coverage limits. A comprehensive contractors general liability policy should cover the contractor’s ongoing and completed operations, the operations of subcontractors and persons injured on the contractor’s premises.

Contractor general liability insurance can protect you against the high costs of claims and lawsuits which arise as a result of your high risk industry, offering you a strong defense against everything from heavy equipment malfunctions, accidental electrical fires, defective products, or the smallest slip-and-fall. Get a quote now!



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Contractors suffered 12% of all workplace fatalities in 2011.



What General Liability Covers for Contractors

General liability provides coverage for contractors who face third-party claims or lawsuits, including:

Bodily Injury Claims
Construction professionals know that a construction site can be a dangerous place, particularly if an untrained visitor comes to the worksite. If an accident occurred, general liability can cover injury and illness-related third-party claims, including medical costs and legal fees such as court-awarded compensation.

Property Damage Claims
General liability for contractors offers protection against the high cost of a lawsuit if someone alleges you are responsible for damage to their property. Whether you are at fault or not, defending yourself can be costly. General liability will cover the cost of investigations, legal fees, and other court related expenses if you face a property damage claim or lawsuit.

Completed Products Claims
General liability can protect contractors against claims related to services you’ve completed or products you’ve installed. Which means you can have peace-of-mind knowing that legal expenses and damages are covered for your work, even once it’s completed.

Contractor general liability insurance can prevent a small accident or mishap from becoming a large lawsuit, which may have the potential to bankrupt a small to medium sized business. General liability can even protect you from advertising and personal injury claims that arise from your efforts to expand your business.

Contractor general liability offers a solid foundation of protection on which you can build your business, safe from worries that one small accident or incident could demolish everything you’ve worked for.

How Much Does Contractor General Liability Insurance Cost?

Insurance carriers look at a number of factors when determining the cost of your general liability coverage. Many contractors pay less than $100 a month for their coverage. Policy prices will vary, but some of the things that may influence your insurance costs include:

  • Size of your business
  • Number of employees
  • Time in business
  • Previous claims
  • Business location
  • Policy details (coverage limits and deductibles)
  • Your contractor classification code
  • Types of construction services offered

The easiest way to get an accurate estimate of how much general liability will cost is to request a free online quote! Our team of contractor insurance professionals will help you find the right coverage at a price that works for your budget.

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