Many small business owners think of insurance coverage as protection for their property. But it is also necessary to account for smaller assets - valuable commercial items that might get forgotten about when thinking of the larger picture.

Tools & Equipment Insurance

Paying attention to the little things can pay off in a big way. Which is why contractors who want to protect themselves from financial loss look into tools and equipment insurance to protect the smaller assets that help get the work done.

Tools and equipment coverage is known as Inland Marine Insurance, and it’s designed to protect your high-value, movable property. When you take your tools and other equipment with you to the project site, inland marine insurance protects your hard working assets from all-too-common risks, such as damage and theft.

Your Tools Work Hard for You. Don’t Leave Them Uncovered.

Larger equipment such as welders, generators, nail guns, other high-value mobile equipment can be costly to replace if it’s stolen or damaged. Even your hand tools could add up quickly if you needed to replace multiple items. With tools and equipment coverage, your investment in these assets is protected.

One of the biggest risks contractors face is theft of their equipment, machinery, and tools. A commercial auto insurance policy does not cover miscellaneous tools and equipment. Don’t leave the tools and equipment you need defenseless to face that risk without adequate coverage.

Get Tools and Equipment Coverage Today

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