Design a Benefits Program That Works For You and Your Employees

As the complexities of Employee Benefits Programs continue to increase, the need to strategically partner with a knowledgeable Benefits Broker has become vitally important. Our Health Benefits Team understands the value of this partnership at every touch point. Our primary objective is to assess your unique needs and challenges and guide you through the process of designing your program and effectively communicating the comprehensive details to your employees.
We also proudly offer Alternative Funding options which is a new approach that allows mid-sized employers to take advantage of the same economic benefits that large, self-funded employers have utilized for years. It is a self-funded approach with stop-loss insurance at relatively low attachment points to protect smaller employers from significant risk and exposure to large claims.
Our company continually reinvests in resources and services that assist our clients in achieving and maintaining compliance and turning their benefits program into a valuable asset that contributes to the overall profitability of their company. We also work closely with a large group of insurance carriers and administrators offering a wide range of options. By partnering with InterWest, you have access to the expertise and tools to design an effective benefits solution package.
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