Building Your Contractor Business Just Got Easier

You’ve got a lot to worry about as you build your business in the construction industry. From keeping your employees safe on the job site to COVID-19 delays and shutdowns to protecting your tools, equipment, and even your investment in the project itself, there are a lot of ways something can wrong.

Contractor insurance can protect your employees, assets, and hard-earned cash so you can keep building.

With so many insurance coverages - and even more insurance companies - to choose from, getting the right coverage in place can feel like a big investment of time and money.

Aegis Insurance Markets is an independent broker specializing in the construction industry, and our knowledgeable contractor insurance experts are here for you. Let us help make the insurance process simpler, easier, and more affordable than ever.


“It is not overstating it to say that our business would not be as sound and as strong today without Aegis’ involvement, commitment, and dedication to us.”

—Jason Eldredge, Eldredge Woodworks, Inc.

Get Covered in 3 Simple Steps

Ready to protect your business with the right contractor policies? You can get covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the quote form on this page.
  2. Let our contractor insurance experts shop for the best, most affordable coverage for you.
  3. Congratulate yourself for proactively protecting your contractor business.


What Contractor Insurance Do You Need?

The construction industry is unlike any other. Every day, you and your employees face incredible risks as you undertake a job that’s physically demanding and potentially dangerous - not to mention heavily regulated. No matter what your trade, you’re likely to need one of these essential coverages to protect your assets, tools, employees, and investments.

Contractor General Liability
Protect your business against claims and lawsuits arising from third-party injuries or damages with contractor general liability insurance. This essential policy protects against some of the most common incidents, accidents, and risks you face as a business owner.

Workers’ Compensation
Protect the hard-working men and women who help you get the job done with workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance is typically required by law to protect your workers against job-related illness and injury. Let Aegis guide you through COVID-19 workers' comp updates and requirements.

Tools & Equipment 
Protect your tools and equipment against loss, theft, and damage with tools and equipment insurance. Cover major equipment, high-value power tools, and your favorite hand tools that are always on the go from one job to the next.

Builders Risk
Protect your investment in a project with builders risk insurance and stop worrying about the materials, supplies, and completed work that’s invested and vulnerable in a project during the course of construction. Builders Risk is your best bet to protect against losses from COVID-19, helping you recoup hard and soft costs associated with shutdowns and delays.

Commercial Auto
Protect the hard-working vehicles that you rely on daily. Whether it’s a single work truck or an entire fleet of vehicles owned by your construction business, commercial auto protects you against the risks of the road.

Custom Coverage
Let our experienced contractor insurance professionals construct a custom solution for your business. When you combine multiple policies, you can save money on your contractor insurance protection. Let us find the perfect solution to get you the coverage - and cost - you need.

Aegis Insurance Markets has protected thousands of contractors, tradesmen, and construction professionals just like you. You don’t have to leave your business assets at risk, and you certainly don’t have to navigate the often-confusing insurance industry on your own. Let Aegis get you covered.