Affordable Vacation Rental Insurance from the Tahoe-area Experts

Your second home or vacation rental investment is at big risk. 

Not only do you have to worry about wildfire dangers, snow damage, and other structural risks that come along with highly-desirable locations, you also have to plan ahead for damages from rental occupants, too. 

When your second home is a source of income, you'll want to protect it with a vacation rental insurance policy. 

Finding affordable rental insurance can be difficult in California due to increased wildfire risks. Many insurers are no longer issuing new policies in high-risk zones up and down the state. Others are choosing not to renew existing policies or are implementing extreme rate hikes.  

While many insurance companies are reluctant to renew or create new policies in areas at high risk of wildfire, Aegis Insurance Markets refuses to leave people unprotected. 

We're a Tahoe-based independent insurance broker, independently owned and with access to top-rated insurance providers. This allows us to search our markets and assemble a policy tailored to you at an affordable price. For almost two decades we've lived, worked, and covered homes in the Tahoe-area. We have established relationships with the right insurers - the ones willing to cover your vacation rental property or second home.

No matter the dangers your area may present, Aegis is here to help you protect your real estate property.

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