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This blog has previously discussed Hurricane Sandy, and its long lasting effects on the East Coast. Business owners of all sizes had to evacuate and then take part in massive cleanup efforts, dealing with everything from flood damage to the aftermath of looters. A comprehensive business insurance policy can help reassure owners that cleanup after a natural disaster will run smoothly.

Company decision-makers would be wise to partner with commercial insurance specialists to ensure that their organization is fully covered for a variety of events. Preparation is crucial to keep businesses - and entire communities - operating normally.

The Associated Press recently discussed this very issue, and how New York has had a law since 1978 that required a standing state Disaster Preparedness Commission to meet at least twice a year to create and update disaster plans. The news source explained that reports in 2005, 2006 and 2010 added urgency. The 2006 report said that it's a question of when, not if, a strong hurricane will hit New York City.

"I don't know that anyone believed," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the AP this past week. "We had never seen a storm like this. So it is very hard to anticipate something that you have never experienced."

Regardless of a business' location, it's crucial to have an insurance policy that will protect the organization through whatever events may occur - whether anticipated or not. Commercial insurance specialists will take all varying factors into account to ensure that a chosen policy will benefit a company on all levels.

Commercial property insurance is an important aspect for a business owner's disaster preparedness plan, as it will help the organization bounce back from property damage or being temporarily closed.




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