Why your California business insurance should remain current

California residents and business owners have likely been keeping themselves up-to-date on the latest information concerning the wildfire dubbed the Rim Fire. The blaze is currently listed as the fourth largest fire in the state's history and has been burning for two weeks. As of Tuesday, September 3, was 70 percent under control, according to CNN.

Over Labor Day weekend though, some company leaders finally began to feel the fire's effects.

Yosemite National Park had remained open for much of the Rim Fire's tenure, but attendance severely dropped because of the blaze, reported Reuters. The news source added that the park generally sees 620,000 visitors in August and close to 4 million people each year. Due to the fire, Highway 120 was shut down, which has put a damper on many local businesses, especially those located in Groveland, California.

Chris Loh and his family own the restaurant and store Iron Door Saloon. According to Loh, with the entrance to Yosemite National Park being closed, he had to lay off 45 of the company's 50 employees during Labor Day weekend this year.

"We have a lot of nature to deal with - snow, landslides, fires," Loh explained to local news affiliate KXTV. "It's just a way of life around here. It's inevitable, and you deal with it."

Peggy Mosley owns a hotel in the Groveland area, and told the news source that next spring and summer will be much better. At that time, the land will have recovered and visitors can see areas of the mountains that they have never seen before.

When owners have comprehensive California business insurance, it gives them a better chance at recovery following unexpected events. No one can predict when something along the lines of the Rim Fire will occur, but owners can guarantee that they can keep their business running for the long-term.




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