How to ensure the success of your disaster recovery site

Implementing a disaster recovery system may require the construction of a specific site used to manage recovery efforts across your organization. This could be a source of information when standard systems shut down or a source of power or any other resources required to keep a company running should an incident occur that puts operations in jeopardy. Of course, simply having a recovery site might not be enough, as an article in Forbes pointed out last week.

According to the news source, there are at least five things companies should consider that pertain to their disaster recovery site, although in many cases they may be forgotten. However, following these tips will help companies ensure they get the most of their sites and ultimately mitigate the negative long-term effects of a disaster. They are as follows:

  • Use multiple communications providers at your disaster recovery site
  • Back up the disaster recovery site
  • Have auxiliary power and fuel for prolonged outages
  • Geographically disperse your disaster recovery sites
  • Locate your disaster recovery site in an easily accessible and safe area.

The theme of this list is that disaster recovery sites are an important entity and must therefore be protected at all costs. For example, if they are in the same spot—particularly if that area is close to the actual office—and a weather-related incident struck that geographical location causing severe damage, what good would the disaster recovery system do if all facilities were damaged as well? 

Following this advice and obtaining commercial property insurance can ensure an organization does not suffer from the impact of such an event.




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