San Diego Robberies Highlight Need for CA Contractors Insurance

In San Diego, the contracting industry is experiencing a crime wave.

In the last six months, police officers have responded to dozens of thefts in the industry, with some losses extending into the thousands of dollars.

Construction sites are particularly ripe targets for crooks for a number of reasons. The tools used are often expensive, difficult to trace and easy to sell. In addition, many larger companies draw from a shared equipment pool, with a particular saw or air compressor possible being used at multiple sites in a single day. As such, if one goes missing, a foreman could very well not notice until it's already been resold.

To combat this, managers need to make organizing and cataloging equipment a serious priority. By developing a custom database that can be shared across sites, businesses can greatly cut down on the sorts of oversights that lead to tools being taken during transit. In addition, it is now possible to install tracking devices directly into the items, which means that a crook won't get very far before they are able to be tracked down.

Another important facet in protecting your site is purchasing California contractor insurance. While this sort of coverage can't necessarily deter a thief, it can offer assistance in the event that your site is targeted. This sort of safety net is crucial: with prices for construction equipment stretching into the tens of thousands of dollars, a single crook can do serious damage to long-term profits. By taking a proactive stance at preventing crime, and taking precautions to deal with it if it does happen, you can help neutralize its effects.




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