The role of construction in renewable energy

Concern about the future of energy is becoming louder. Perhaps in no state is this more true than California, where progressive ideals and unusually sunny weather have many seriously considering switching to a more renewable source of energy, such as solar. In fact, the state installed as many megawatts in 2013 as it did in the previous 30 years combined, doubling its total capacity to nearly 4,000 megawatts.

This only further cemented its spot atop the nationwide rankings for sun-derived energy, giving it enough to power over 600,000 homes. California is the leader in a shift that will see solar outstrip gas and double nuclear energy worldwide by the year 2016.

The advancements are good news for the construction industry. All of these structures need qualified people to build them, and contracting companies are finding customers anxious to do their part for the environment. Aaron Kock, underwriting consulting director at CNA, an Illinois-based construction team, described the potential in an interview with Insurance Journal.

"There is a lot of changing going on in the construction industry as well as other industries as a result of growth in the renewal energy industry," said Kock.

Of course, in order to ensure that these projects are safe, efficient and delivered on-time, companies should invest in California contractors insurance. Not only will they provide protection for the construction business, they will also ensure that anybody who hires them will receive the product for which they paid. The end result? An energy revolution that could very well help shape the future of the planet.




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