Construction-related jobs among the most dangerous

Few people are satisfied with every aspect of their profession. Sometimes clients or managers are difficult or communicate poorly. Other jobs can be repetitive or tedious. Some vocations have hours that force their employees to toil long into the night.

Those occupational hazards pale in comparison to those faced in the most dangerous jobs, where serious injury or death is an ever-present possibility. While the riskiest professions are somewhat spread across industries, three of the 10 most dangerous are somehow related to construction.

In tenth on that list are construction laborers. The dangers there come primarily from heavy machinery and equipment, as well as from the physical toll that hauling heavy things can take over a period of time. In fifth were structural iron workers, who also have to deal with heavy welding tools, but have to do so while suspended from great heights. Being high up was also part what made the fourth riskiest job such a hazard. Roofers not only have to navigate ladders and hammers, they have to do so in intense summer heat.

It's important to have a comprehensive safety program. Teaching your employees about job-related dangers is an important step in cutting down on workplace injuries.

The high representation of construction-related jobs on this list also clearly underscores the need for general contractor's insurance. It's an industry that's not without its danger, and those risks can happen at various times in the building process. By getting a comprehensive policy that covers your projects, you can ensure that you're protected in case of an accident.




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