Five critical fire safety tips

A comprehensive commercial property insurance will come complete with some protection against fires. This security is important — a blaze can decimate an entire project. In the best case scenario, however, you won't ever have to file a claim. Here are give tips that can keep your site safe from the ravaging influence of flames.

Make sure you have smoke detectors, and that they work: Smoke detectors can warn you that something is amiss, even before you realize it yourself. However, it's not very helpful to have one if it isn't working properly or doesn't have batteries. You should be checking to make sure it's functioning at least once and month, and changing the batteries on at least on a yearly basis.

Avoid overloading outlets: It can be tempting to plug in as many things into a single socket as possible, but this can overload it and cause sparks. Instead, spread out your appliances so they don't place such a burden on one particular outlet. Be particularly wary of any frayed or broken wires, and replace anything that looks or smells wrong when plugged in.

Keep a fire extinguisher: The cost pales in comparison to the cost of a burned down building. This simple device can prevent a small fire from tipping into a devastating inferno.

Be mindful of cigarettes: An unattended cigarette can have serious consequences. Create a receptacle to dispose of any butts properly, especially if you work with or around flammable materials.

Clearly mark exits: If people are scrambling to figure out what to do after a fire has already broken out, it's too late. Having a safety plan in place before the worst happens can make evacuation as orderly and pain-free as possible.




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