Faces of Aegis: Tahoe Sports Hub

This is the third post in our series, The Faces of Aegis! We're spotlighting our clients, the people and businesses who are making an impact in our Tahoe-Truckee community and beyond! Read more of our client spotlights here.

There's nothing quite like ski season in our Tahoe-Truckee area. If you've been counting down to opening day at our local ski resorts, you're not alone -- each year ski season brings locals and travelers alike out to the mountains.

Before you hit the slopes though, you need to gear up, and Aegis client Tahoe Sports Hub is a local favorite. We sat down with owners Wrenn and Rob Cavallo to talk about what you can expect when you visit.

An interior shot of the Tahoe Sports Hub facility.Image credit: Tahoe Sports Hub.

Introducing Tahoe Sports Hub

Tahoe Sports Hub is run by husband and wife team Wrenn and Rob. They purchased the operation back in 2013 when it was still called Tahoe Sports Exchange. When the original owner was ready to retire, Rob, a manager at the time, and Wrenn jumped at the chance to purchase the business.

They changed the name to Tahoe Sports Hub and have been serving the skiers, snowboarders, and cyclists of Tahoe ever since. Wrenn handles the company's marketing while Rob manages the team.

Tahoe Sports Hub offers ski, snowboard, and cycling equipment, equipment rentals, and unparalleled custom boot fitting services.

"Our staff gets to send people out to have a great adventure. Who wouldn’t love that?" - Wrenn

A team member fits a boot to a ski.Image credit: Tahoe Sports Hub.

Get Your Next Fitting at the Boot Lab

A well-fitting ski boot is the only way you'll have a good ride once you hit the mountains, so when you visit, don't skip Tahoe Sports Hub's Boot Lab.

Just how important is the right set of boots? Professional athletes will often travel with their boots, but rent their other equipment when they get to their destination.

"There is practically a zero-percent chance of a boot fitting perfectly right out of the box. The margin for error with a ski boot is less than a millimeter. The more comfortable your boot, the more fun you’re going to have." - Rob

Tahoe Sports Hub offers custom boot fitting services to help you achieve the right fit. They have a professionally trained podiatrist on staff and specialized equipment so that they can take your boots from out of the box to custom-fit. This includes and adjustments you might need, and even custom-molded footbeds.

Their Boot Lab customers include Olympic medalist Daron Rahlves and professional skier Cody Townsend, among other Olympic and pro athletes.

An interior shot of Tahoe Sports Hub in Truckee.Image credit: Tahoe Sports Hub.

Save With Seasonal Equipment Rentals

Tahoe Sports Hub also offers seasonal equipment rentals, a popular option for local families. You can rent your ski or snow sports equipment at the beginning of the season and return it at the end of the season. This option is ideal for parents worried about kids outgrowing the snow jacket that they'll only wear a few times!

Don't worry about buying all new equipment every year, you can simply rent equipment for a season at a time. Plus, if your kids grow or improve in the middle of the season, Tahoe Sports Hub allows you to swap out your seasonal rentals mid-season.

What to Expect When You Come In

Tahoe Sports Hub is abiding by Nevada County's social distancing and safety rules and has made all necessary changes to their business operation during COVID. They've even gone above and beyond the county recommendations in terms of limiting customers in-store to be certain that they're protecting the health and safety of guests and employees.

Because of this, keep in mind that when you visit you may need to wait in line outside, particularly during peak hours like weekends. 

Rob and Wrenn shared a few tips for guests this winter:

  • This holiday season will be busy, so shop early!
  • Visit outside of peak hours to avoid a line
  • If you're looking for a boot fitting, call ahead to make an appointment

Ready to get started? Visit Tahoe Sports Hub online, or give them a call at (530) 582-4510.




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