Faces of Aegis: Green Envy, Inc.

This post is part of our Faces of Aegis series. We're spotlighting our clients, the people and businesses who are making an impact in our Tahoe-Truckee community and beyond! Read more of our client spotlights here.

Living in the Tahoe region means respecting and being good stewards of the natural environment. Aegis client Green Envy, Inc. is doing their part to keep Tahoe green with custom landscaping services and BMP installations. 

Learn more about the ways Green Envy is keeping Tahoe homes looking stunning while preserving the natural ecosystem in and around Tahoe.

4 Questions for Green Envy, Inc.

What is Green Envy, Inc?

Green Envy is a landscaping company specializing in landscape construction projects, and works with landscape maintenance clients in the Tahoe-Truckee area throughout the season. 

They also recently acquired a beloved community nursery, Tahoe Tree Company.

Tahoe Tree Company is the biggest nursery in Tahoe City and has the benefit of being conveniently located right in town, offering easy access to residents looking to add more greenery to their homes and outdoor landscapes.

Who are the founders and leaders behind Green Envy, Inc.?

Green Envy was founded in 2005 by John Crus. After studying Restoration Ecology and spending a career in landscape and snow removal, John was ready to break off and start his own business.

The company is also overseen by Mike Kelly, the General Manager of Green Envy and Tahoe Tree Company. Mike is a 20 year resident of the Lake Tahoe Basin with experience running his own landscaping and snow removal company.

Kendra, who has worked with Green Envy for roughly a year, is also a long-term Tahoe resident of 19 years and has worked extensively in and around the community.

The Green Envy Inc. team.

How does Best Management Practice protect Tahoe's ecosystem?

As runoff from rainfall or snowmelt moves, it picks up and carries natural pollutants and pollutants resulting from human activity, ultimately dumping them into rivers, lakes, wetlands, coastal waters, and groundwater. 

Best Management Practices (BMP) is a term used to describe acceptable practices that can be implemented to protect water quality and promote soil conservation. 

BMPs can include processes during construction and forestry activities, as well as structural additions that can be installed on the ground level, to manage stormwater runoff

Green Envy is a BMP-certified installer. When local organizations are mandated to add BMPs, whether that is a drip line trench under the eaves of their house or some type of catch basin on their property, Green Envy is qualified to install the system as prescribed by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Green Envy employs BMP practices when completing Lake Tahoe landscaping projects. This includes precautions such as using methods to prevent rain erosion and contamination from job sites in the native environment. Green Envy installs BMPs and follows BMP guidelines in all of their construction installs.

"This attention to environmental safety is crucial to our water quality here in the Tahoe Basin. While all landscapers are supposed to practice BMP practices, Green Envy stands apart in that they are certified BMP installers."

What's next for Green Envy?

Currently, the team at Green Envy is busy beautifying Tahoe Tree Company. The nursery is a big part of the community, so they're working hard to make sure to get everything just right. Improvements include cleaning up the grounds, increasing the size of the greenhouse to allow for more annual plants, and other projects.

Landscaping by Green Envy, Inc.

Green Envy Around Town

Green Envy donates plants to the North Tahoe High School for their graduation and supplies hanging flower baskets for the Tahoe City Downtown Association in an attempt to beautify the community. They also volunteer work for various local schools, largely in the spring to help clean up the grounds.
Ready to add a little more green to your life? 

Reach out to Green Envy Inc. or visit Tahoe Tree Company Inc.!

"Susan Driscoll is amazing, she does all sorts of things for us like trying to find good rates and constantly shopping around for the best policies for our growing business.

Aegis is very responsive to us. We often need a Certificate of Liability for homeowners and businesses that we’re working for, and whenever we reach out Aegis is very responsive in getting it back."






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