Changing technology requires businesses to keep themselves up-to-date

With technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, it's important for companies in all industries to not only keep up with new initiatives, but take care in keeping themselves protected for numerous situations. For example, with more businesses relying on computer systems - and cloud computing - there is a larger risk for data breaches. Without a comprehensive technology insurance policy, firms could pay the price if cyber criminals break through their system.

The annual State of the Net technology policy conference discussed this issue, and how it's important for company decision-makers to keep themselves - and all employees - properly educated on new technologies and how they impact daily operations.

Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of the software trade group BSA, was one of several panelists who discussed steps that policy makers need to take when it comes to cloud computing. He said that it's a well-defined technology but not understood by all company leaders. It's important to focus on possible benefits from cloud computing, he said, as that will help transform the initiative into more than just a buzz word.

Deven McGraw, director of the Health Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a Washington digital rights group, explained at the conference that healthcare is another area where there is much misinformation about cloud computing.

"I think it's a very scary proposition for a lot of healthcare providers to think about having their data management functions not within their four walls," McGraw said. "They're responsible for that data, they know that, and the idea that they would cede that, some portion of that, to somebody else and yet still be liable for those decisions is very scary."

Whether or not a company is in the healthcare industry, working with commercial insurance specialists can help owners find a comprehensive technology insurance policy that will protect  an organization should a breach occur.




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