Prepare for time-consuming and expensive recoveries

No business owner ever expects to temporarily or permanently close due to unforeseen circumstances. However, nearly every company head expects to have a quick recovery should anything from a natural disaster to vandalism occur to their store front. Without the necessary preparations in place, that latter situation will be even more difficult to achieve.

A comprehensive insurance policy can help business owners work toward reopening their business. This blog has previously discussed the importance of taking location into account, and how an organization's daily operations could impact which coverages are a necessity.

Coney Island opens amusement park, restaurants still closed

It is no surprise that Hurricane Sandy was especially devastating to East Coast businesses and residents. However, small and medium-sized company owners would be wise to take into account that some organizations remain closed today - five months after the storm. 

New York's Coney Island, known for its amusement park, barely had its rollercoaster prepped on time. As reported by The New York Times, workers were keeping busy up until Sunday, when customers started lining up, waiting to enter the park. 

"Our commitment after the hurricane, from Day 1, was to be ready on time for this event," Alberto Zamperla, the chief executive of the international company that operates Luna Park, told The Times.

Zamperla did not detail the total repair costs, but said that electrical systems were replaced and go-carts had to be dumped of brined seawater.

However, restaurants across the street remain closed, although the news source reported that owners hope to reopen by Easter. The Statue of Liberty, which has also remained closed since the superstorm, is set for a July 4 opening.

Regardless of how quickly an owner thinks a business can reopen, partnering with commercial insurance specialists can assist in finding the right policy. That way, the recovery process will not seem as daunting or impossible.




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