Pair technology insurance with thorough employee education

This blog has previously discussed business' increasing reliance on computers, the cloud and mobile devices. More companies are putting sensitive data into online storage, which gives cyber criminals a potential gold mine if they can break through the security system. However many firewalls and password protections are put in place though, small to medium-sized business owners must take a few extra steps to keep their organization safe.

For example, all employees need to be given explicit instructions on how to keep company data protected. Company leaders should ensure that each team member abides by any bring-your-own-device strategies and is up to date on any password changes.

"People are sharing private information like email addresses, phone numbers and sometimes even account numbers," Ray Kruck, Nexgate co-founder and chief commercial officer, told Fox Business News. "There is a need for compliance for any size business."

According to Kruck, social media is also becoming more popular among small businesses. Companies should instill a process that monitors content and flags any inappropriate conversations immediately. Employees need to be able to recognize when something strange is happening on a work system, so they can immediately start working to improve it.

However many precautions are put in place though, mistakes can happen, which is why businesses need a comprehensive technology insurance policy. While this type of coverage was not as necessary in prior years, the increased reliance on computers has made it more pertinent.

High tech insurance can help companies bounce back after a data breach, whether that means there was a cyber attack or that an employee's mobile device was stolen. Either way, as organizations continue to build around technology, it is essential that they also create a safety net for themselves.




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