Workplace accident showcases importance of California business insurance

Workplace accidents can happen in any industry across the country, and business managers must ensure they are equipped with the right insurance solutions to mitigate any challenges that could arise from an unforeseen incident. This is particularly true in industrial organizations, where the natural environment may present more physical risks than a standard office setting. If risks are not properly managed, the financial consequences could be dire. 

For example, a Maine man recently received a payout stemming from a 2009 workplace accident. According to the Associated Press, Joseph Bordeau of Mexico, Maine, "was pinned to an I-beam by a heavy metal object that was being hoisted by a chain by a MERC crew" when he was working at the Maine Energy Recovery Corporation plant. According to his attorney, he now suffers from chronic back pain as a result of the incident and can only work four hours a day. Earlier this month, a jury awarded Bordeau $489,000 for the injuries he suffered on the job.

Businesses in California are at just as much risk for this type of incident as those in Maine. If a company is not prepared to handle an accident of this magnitude where litigation is involved, it could suffer crippling financial and legal consequences. While the ultimate goal of any organization is to maintain a safe working environment, having the right California business insurance can help alleviate the challenges presented by unavoidable incidents. Not only will it ensure businesses do not suffer severe consequences, it will provide employees who may be the victims of an accident the resources they need to recover and get back to work.




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