Why risk evaluation can prepare an organization for a potential disaster

No company, regardless of its location, is impervious to the effects of a disaster. Each region has its own inclement weather, so even though a business in southern California likely won't have to worry about blizzards in the winter, residents are concerned about earthquakes, among other potential incidents prevalent in their area. 

Furthermore, some business disasters have nothing to do with the weather. Theft or a loss of information can be just as detrimental to an organization, and these occurrences can take place at any organization, no matter where it's located. The key is to determine what disasters could potentially hurt the organization. Companies need to evaluate the risks at their facility and address them accordingly. 

An article in Fox Business recently listed this as the first step business owners should take toward protecting their organization from a disaster. 

"Identify what kinds of emergencies are most likely to affect your company then evaluate your preparedness level," wrote Susan Solovic, the article's author, who listed a number of resources that can provide tools needed to assess risk. "In addition to assessment tools, every business owner should consider such questions as: do you regularly check-in with your insurance agent? Do you have emergency equipment on site? Do you have employees trained to help in a medical emergency? And do you have your data backed up and stored someplace safe?"

Locally, working with a California business insurance provider can help companies ensure they are equipped to manage any potential problems in the workplace. The evaluation process will allow them to take necessary steps ahead of time, thus mitigating the extent of the damage if an incident should occur.  




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