Why older technology systems could put organizations at greater risk

The idea of adopting the latest technology at your organization is always going to be tempting. Anyone who watched Apple unveil its latest iPad and Mac Pro last month knows how cool the latest gadgets look, which is why many organizations have at least thought about evaluating new tech vendors and adopting innovative products and services. However, in an uncertain economy, procuring Mac Pros and deploying iPad Airs to all employees  may seem like more of a pipe dream than reality. Ultimately, most companies take the approach of "It would be nice, but we could never afford it," and wind up sticking with their legacy systems.

That could be a big mistake.

According to the Intel Small Business PC Refresh Study, which surveyed 736 small businesses in the U.S., Brazil, China, Germany, India and Russia, small businesses are at constant risk due to old and clunky hardware and software solutions. For example, the speed at which these systems run is such that companies that use them could lose as much as a week of time in a given year waiting for computer processes to finish. 

Jeffery Lauria, the director of technology at IT consultancy ICorps, spoke with Fox Business about his own experiences, which are consistent with Intel's findings.

"As a computer gets older, the hard drive slows up, for example, and it affects overall speed and performance," Lauria said.

It's just as important to ensure these older systems are protected, as a lag in performance could potentially leave them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Or, if they are upgraded, the new technology could be a target for criminals. Either way, businesses cannot afford to suffer any major problem regarding their technology. Obtaining technology insurance can mitigate several risks. 




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