The risks of company laptops: How technology insurance can help

Laptops can be convenient, but they can be equally as dangerous. Businesses that deploy laptops to employees must be able to capitalize on their benefits while alleviating their risks.

They tend to have more processing power than a smartphone or a tablet so you can do more with them. This makes laptops a perfect machine to use both in an office setting and on the go. However, if an employee were to do his or her work in a coffee shop either before heading to the office or on the weekend and then accidently left their laptop there, the ramifications could be serious.

Company information that falls into the wrong hands can have dire consequences, which is why organizations go to great lengths to protect their information and assets. But, accidents do happen, and if businesses want the added efficiency benefits of allowing their employees to work on business laptops outside of the office, they have to understand the increased risks. 

"A lost laptop is an IT horror story," writes Fahmida Rashid, the author of a recent PC Magazine article. "If certain security steps aren't taken beforehand, that same laptop that boosted employee productivity could also result in data loss. In some cases, the business could face hefty penalties for not securing the data. The loss could adversely impact operations, as well."

Companies can never bee too safe when it comes to their technological assets and data. Obtaining the best technology insurance coverage can alleviate the risk of bringing a company laptop outside of the office because businesses can rest assured knowing they are protected.




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