Keeping your data safe when working with a third-party service provider

It doesn't take much for an organization's data to be breached if if isn't careful. Both internal and external forces could compromise the security of a company's information and businesses have to be cognizant of both, particularly when information is in the hands of a combination of the two.

Working with outside service providers  can be an efficient and cost-effective way to do business. Not only can organizations receive the skilled assistance provided by those who are experts in their craft, they can also save on numerous overhead costs.

However, these professionals have a unique relationship with your data that you must be mindful of. While they aren't a part of your organization, they have access to information typically designated exclusively  for internal employees. For example, if you were working with a developer to create a mobile app for your business, they would need data that is likely sensitive in nature.

This is why third-party providers obtain certifications that speak to their responsibility with your information. By doing this, they are able to show their clients that they no not need to be fearful of their data's security. However, Stephen O'Boyle of Epsion says companies can never be too careful. 

"You are never 100 percent secure," he said in a recent discussion with the online publication The Irish Times. "There is no such thing really as no risk. However, if someone is managing information in line with best practice, they will have different types of controls in place that try to prevent a bad thing happening, and will detect if something slips past."

Businesses can also help their own cause by obtaining technology insurance, which can protect them if anything should happen to their information.




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