Small businesses face both high-tech and low-tech threats

Hacking technology is getting more complicated every day, with criminals devising new and devious ways to bilk business owners of their money and personal information. It's important to note, however, that not all attacks are of the high-tech variety. Even modern scammers are not opposed to using crude methods to rip people off.

One simplistic scam involves wrapping aluminum foil around the antenna of a credit card reader. With the signal blocked, it's much easier for to pass off a phony credit card as legitimate. By the time the merchant realizes what's happened, it's far too late.

Another common ruse is even more low-fi. Here's how it works: a shady character phones up a local establishment and pretends to be from the phone or electric company. Due to a recent cyber attack, they claim, recent bills were never processed, and it's imperative that the owner pays up immediately or loses service. Especially during a busy time like the holiday season, many small companies can't afford an interruption in their phone or electricity, and so turn over money and valuable data.

In an FBI statement about these scams, Everett Police Department Chief Kathy Atwood explained the need for awareness.

"It is an unfortunate reality in today's world that we have individuals who constantly look for ways to exploit and take advantage of others," said Atwood.

The wide range of threats faced by small businesses underscores the value of having comprehensive IT contractor insurance. While it's important to be aware of the possible dangers, it's impossible to be cognizant of all of them. Having the right coverage in place can keep you protected even in the case of unforeseen dangers.




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