Commercial property insurance is just one example of coverage that business owners should consider. There are numerous events and factors that could affect a company’s daily operations or long-term profitability. Having the right business insurance policy—or set of policies—is an important step to securing an organization’s future. Just what exactly can happen to a business? Aegis Insurance’s infographic, “Business Insurance: Keep Your Company Afloat,” has some specific examples of why an entrepreneur should have comprehensive insurance:

  • According to FEMA, 40 percent of small businesses do not reopen after a natural disaster.
  • Of those that do reopen, 25 percent will fail within their first year.
  • Nearly three-quarters of companies update their disaster recovery plans just once every five years.


How can I keep my business protected?


For businesses in the southwestern and western parts of the United States, Aegis Insurance will help their owners find the best insurance options. Whether you need a strong California business insurance policy or an Arizona contractor insurance policy, the experts at Aegis will find the most cost-effective coverage for you. Anything from a natural disaster to a data breach could cause problems for an organization, especially small- to medium-sized firms. Company leaders might think that they could pay for a majority of expenses out-of-pocket, but the longer that a business is closed, the fewer revenue will be coming in. With the right insurance, owners will not have to worry about being another part of the statistic of businesses that still fail after seemingly recovering from a disaster. Short-term success might be possible, but long-term growth will not be out of your reach when you have a comprehensive business insurance policy that caters to your organization’s daily needs.




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