Even small companies must prepare against cyber threats

The last decade has seen technology make leaps and bounds, and businesses of all sizes have been working hard to keep pace with all of the changes. However, it is also crucial for organizations to keep all stored data protected, otherwise the recovery process could be difficult and expensive.

Symantec, the maker of the Norton Anti-Virus, released a report that said 36 percent of the global targeted attacks in the first half of 2012 were directed against small businesses with 250 or fewer employees.

Just because organizations like The Wall Street Journal and Burger King make headlines when cyber criminals breach their systems does not mean that smaller companies can have lax security settings in place.

"Nowadays, every company with an Internet connection is a potential victim," Dr. Paul Judge, vice president and chief research officer of Barracuda Networks told FOX​ News. "Hackers used to focus just on high-value organizations, like financial corporations, but now the tools are so efficient and cheap that hackers can afford to attack anyone and everyone around the clock."

He added that even the smallest businesses must now ensure that they have the necessary protections in place for their networks and digitally saved data.

Examples like Burger King should be a message for companies of all sizes. Organizations that have that many employees and are renowned worldwide being susceptible to hacking is further proof that smaller businesses can be hacked.

It can be overwhelming to consider the possibilities where data breaches can occur, but business owners can find the right technology insurance when they partner with commercial insurance specialists. As digital becomes the norm for daily business operations, it should become just as commonplace to have comprehensive insurance policies in place on the offchance that a security breach occurs.




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