One data breach is one too many for any business

As technology continues to evolve, companies of all sizes and across many industries are working hard to keep pace. With the huge push to integrate the internet into daily operations, the proper way to dispose of old information though is often forgotten about.

However, small and medium-sized businesses must take care to keep themselves protected on all fronts. While some owners might have the mindset that no one wants to break into their computer system, the technological age has given cyber criminals more opportunities than ever before.

For example, what if you are working toward going entirely digital, and an employee is careless in how he or she discards the paper documents? Or, how is a business owner going to keep all areas of an organization covered, including mobile devices that workers might have to transport back and forth between the office and home?

The answer is a comprehensive insurance policy that accounts for all variances that a specific business might have. If cars are used for transportation, a commercial insurance policy will be necessary. When computers and other mobile devices are used, perhaps a high tech insurance policy is the necessary solution. Or maybe both coverages are required.

Regardless, working with commercial insurance specialists can help companies in numerous industries remain up-to-date and covered for everyday occurrences as well as the unexpected.

"Companies that fail to educate themselves and comply with these laws governing the secure disposal of sensitive information face significant risks of regulatory investigations, fines, potential civil lawsuits, bad publicity and brand damage," Al Saikali, an attorney, explained to the Society for Human Resources Management.

By keeping employees educated and having the right insurance policies in place, small and medium-sized businesses can be sure to have an easier time recovering if anything negative should happen.




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