Businesses need to account for all kinds of data breaches

This blog has previously discussed the trend of businesses of all sizes becoming more reliant on the internet and other technical systems. However, as this continues, company leaders must also ensure that they are keeping necessary protection plans up-to-date as well.

Digital Defense CEO Larry Hurtado explained to Fox Business that sophisticated cyber criminals are turning to social engineering attacks. In this scenario, hackers target a specific individual and try to get him or her to provide information in order to infiltrate the company system.

"They need to understand to keep their guard up when receiving emails, or if they receive information that requires them to click on a link or enter data," Hurtado said. "If they're aware of these types of tricks, then there's a higher likelihood that they'll be more wary."

Hurtado added that it's important for business owners to know the company's weak points. For example, probing the network and ensuring that all patches are up-to-date will help the organization stay protected, he said.

The same can be said for insurance policies. Having current technology insurance coverages are a necessity in today's digital world. Company heads need to have a protection plan in place that can help in the recovery process, should a cyber criminal break through or if there is a security breach.

If a USB drive or personal computer disappears, even if it is returned to the business, there has been a security issue. All employees must understand the importance of remaining diligent in keeping information safe, but there are times when the unexpected happens.

Furthermore, Hurtado said that small and medium-sized businesses are often targets for hackers because they spend less time and money on protecting themselves. However, working with commercial insurance specialists can help pinpoint comprehensive policies and better prepare a company for future needs.




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