10 Businesses That Benefit From Outdoor Sports Insurance

If you’ve turned your love for the great outdoors into a business, then you know the challenges that are unique to the outdoor industry. From repairing your client’s equipment to sending customers out for a lesson on equipment of your own, outdoor sports businesses face unique risks that other businesses don’t.

Luckily, you can protect the outdoor business you’ve worked so hard to build with a specialized form of business insurance designed to protect your specific business.

Here are ten types of businesses that can benefit from outdoor sports insurance:

Bike Shops

Whether your shop focuses on bike sales, repairs, rentals, lessons, or a mix of all, outdoor sports insurance can help protect it.

The Outdoor Sports Insurance program by Aegis Insurance Markets, also known as Ski and Bike Insurance, has been crafted for businesses just like yours and specifically designed to cover shops that rent, repair, sell, and service outdoor equipment.

Skate Shops

From skateboards to pro scooters, skate shops sell and service a dedicated client base that loves to get out and put equipment to the test.

With board shop insurance by Aegis you can get property and liability coverage with limits from $300,000 to $3,000,000. Protect your shop and your assets from property damage and lawsuits due to third-party injuries and damage.

Guide and Outfitters

Guides and outfitters are exposed to a wide range of risks. Outfitters, hunting guides, fishing guides, and other professional outdoor sportsman need specialized insurance protection to defend your hunting or guiding business from the unique challenges you face in the great outdoors.

Customize your guide and outfitter insurance with commercial auto coverage and get a discounted rate. Protect the trucks, SUVs, and vans that you use to transport clients and equipment for your business. From guided river trips to hunting, hiking, or even horseback riding, Outdoor Sports Insurance will give your guide and outfitters business the specialized protection it needs for every adventure.

Paddle Sports

Paddle boards are increasing in popularity, and shops that sell, service, rent, and provide paddle board lessons look forward to a profitable season in the warmer months.

Protect your paddle sports shop by adding workers’ compensation coverage to your Outdoor Sports Insurance coverage and you can save even more on essential insurance protection. In many states, workers’ comp coverage is required by law even if you only have one employee. Save on coverage and you can protect all of your seasonal employees from the financial risks associated with work-related injuries.

Ski and Snowboard Shops

The Outdoor Sports Insurance Program by Aegis Insurance Markets was developed in Truckee, California, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains by experts in the insurance and outdoor sports industries. This program was hand-crafted by a 20 year ski patrol veteran who worked as a shop technician and manager for a ski, snowboard, and sporting goods shop, as well.

Get insurance for your ski and snowboard shop that was designed with you in mind, hand-crafted in a region known for its winter sports, by experts in your field.

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Scuba and Diving Shops

Whether you’re in a tropical location that sees tourist activity year round or serve a local community that’s water adjacent during the warmer months, running a scuba/ diving business isn’t easy. Protect your business with an insurance policy designed to weather the storm.

The Outdoor Sports Insurance program provides you with sample release forms handcrafted by industry attorneys, so you can confidently protect your assets when you provide diving lessons and certification classes. That’s just one more perk of a program that wants to see your business stay afloat, no matter what comes your way.

Surf Shops

From the white sand of Southern California beaches to the rocky shores of Northern California, each surf shop is as unique as its location. But one thing that most shops have in common is the need for property and liability coverage to protect inventory, equipment, and clients who step (bare) foot in the door.

Even if you rent your shop space, property coverage can protect the assets you’ve got inside your shop from unexpected loss and damage. That means you won’t have to pay out of pocket to replace boards, wetsuits, fixtures, and other inventory and equipment if something goes wrong.

Water Sports Shops

From lakeside shops selling kayaks to oceanfront jet ski rentals or even whitewater rafting outfits, water sports businesses need specialized protection.

Outdoor Sports Insurance allows you to customize the insurance protection your shop needs, whether you rent boats and other watercraft or focus more on retail sales. When you add additional coverage to the Outdoor Sports business policy, you’ll get discounted rates and save on things like workers’ comp, commercial auto, and more.

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Hiking and Climbing Gear

When your business is based on sending people out for an adventure, you need a specialized safety net to protect you from the risks involved. Outdoor Sports coverage from Aegis offers you the coverage you need to help your business climb to new heights.

You wouldn’t send a customer out to traverse a mountain peak without the right equipment. So don’t rely on basic business insurance to fully protect your unique adventure sports business. Hiking and climbing gear insurance protects your shop for the sky-high risks that come with the rocky territory.

Outdoor Shows and Special Events

Does your business plan marathons, races, or other sporting events in the great outdoors? You can protect yourself from the unique risks of a single- or multi-day event with event insurance from Aegis.

Insurance for special events and festivals covers a unique set of risks that your business faces for outdoor shows, athletic events, fairs, runs, contests, tournaments and more. Your liability increases with every attendee and vendor on site, so you need a wide safety net to keep your business protected from risk.

Special events liability protects you from claims and incidents for property damage, bodily injury, medical expenses, and even fire damage. This specialized liability protection may cover collapse of temporary structure, contractual liability, and liquor liability for the safe sale of alcohol. With the right insurance for your festival or event, you can protect yourself, your attendees, and even your vendors.

There are as many business opportunities in the outdoor industry as there are grains of sand on a beach or flurries of snow on a mountain top. Every outdoor sporting business is unique and faces its own challenges and risks. With Outdoor Sports Insurance from Aegis, you can rest easy knowing you have coverage for your business that’s designed with you in mind. Then customize your coverage so it’s a perfect fit, no matter where in the outdoors you decide to make your mark.




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