5 Benefits of Outdoor Sports Insurance

Opening an outdoor sports business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for risk takers with a love for the great outdoors and entrepreneurial spirit, making money doing what they love.

However, these types of businesses come with their own unique set of challenges. With outdoor sports insurance, you save the risk-taking for your outdoor adventures, not your bottom line.

5 benefits of outdoor sports insurance include:

1. Custom tailored coverage
2. Protection for all outdoor businesses
3. Coverage for outdoor shows and events
4. Offsite protection
5. Cyber liability defense

Learn more about how these benefits could help protect your outdoor sports business.

1. Custom Tailored Coverage

Your business isn’t just like any other outdoor business. Your unique niche has a different set of risks than those in a different specialty.

The perils faced by those renting out bikes differ wildly from those who are leading clients on a rock climbing expedition.

With the endless possibilities for what an outdoor sports business looks like, it is impossible to assure good insurance coverage with a cookie cutter policy.

Outdoor sports coverage is custom-tailored for the needs of each individual business, assuring that the unique needs of each are covered.


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2. Protection for All Outdoor Businesses

A wide variety of outdoor sports businesses can benefit from custom-tailored coverage designed to protect their clients, assets, and good name, including those specializing in:

  • Bike shops
  • Skate shops
  • Guide and Outfitters
  • Paddlesports
  • Ski and snowboard shops
  • Scuba and diving shops
  • Surf shops
  • Water sports shops
  • Hiking and climbing gear
  • Outdoor shows and special events

All outdoor sporting businesses face their own unique set of risks and challenges and customized outdoor sports insurance can cover them all.

3. Coverage for Outdoor Shows and Events

Time and resources poured into planning and successfully executing an outdoor event – from shows and festivals to fairs and marathon runs – makes each event a massive investment. One fraught with the risk of liability.

An accident or incident can turn your festive outdoor event into a litigation nightmare.

The right insurance can protect attendees, vendors, and you, should the unexpected occur with coverage including:

  • Special events liability
  • Vendor liability
  • Event weather coverage
  • Event cancellation

Offering coverage against losses – should an unforeseen accident or interference occur – event and festival insurance can help protect your outdoor event.

4. Offsite Protection

Owning an outdoor business, your assets likely aren’t going to be staying safely stowed and covered in an insured office space.

If you own a guide and outfitter business you’ll be taking equipment out into the field with you.

Outdoor sports insurance programs include inland marine coverage that protects against equipment losses. Your gear can be safe against losses that occur both while it’s transported to your destination as well as when it’s in transit on rivers, on trails, or through forests.

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5. Cyber Liability Defense

Your love of the great outdoors is what started you down the path to owning and operating an outdoor sports business, but you soon realized that you couldn’t make it work without immersing yourself in modern technology.

You might spend most of your time out in nature, but your business is still vulnerable to cyber liability if you:

  • have an online presence
  • use computers in office
  • take credit card payments from customers
  • use software or apps for your business
  • collect and save customer information

If your business utilizes any of the above technology then it is vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Hackers can steal customer info or credit card information or gain access to your business, wreaking havoc on your daily operations. Outdoor sports programs can help you protect against cyber risks with included cyber liability coverage.

Cyber liability coverage helps with third-party notification, credit monitoring, lawsuits, and reputation recovery, as well as expenses associated with data recovery and computer restoration.

Being in the outdoor sports business can make your workday a lot more exciting than that of the average Joe, but it also comes with its own set of risks.

Custom tailored coverage can assure that your outdoor sports business continues forging ahead and thriving, no matter what unexpected adventures come your way.




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