What Types of Insurance Does A Ski & Snowboard Shop Need?

Aegis's ski and bike shop insurance bundles the coverage you need to help keep your business safe. Accidents happen, unfortunately, and you will want to ensure your ski shop is protected if someone is injured on a pair of skis you sold. Learn which types of insurance coverage may be able to help you prepare for the unique risks of your industry.

7 Types of Insurance Coverage for Your Ski & Snowboard Shop

Property Insurance
Your shop is the heart of your business. Commercial property insurance can help protect your store and inventory in the event of loss or damage caused by an accident, theft, or other forces outside your control. This can include an exhibition floater for off--site sales and may also include coverage for your clients' property while it's in your possession.

General Liability Insurance
Snowboard & Ski Shops, like other Adventure Sports businesses, may require unique considerations from their liability insurance. Liability insurance needs can include bodily injury and personal liability claims such as libel or slander. It can even extend to things like copyright infringement. If your shop's needs go beyond what your general liability policy covers, you can also shield yourself from additional risk with excess liability or umbrella insurance.

Rental & Repair Liability
If your ski or snowboard shop offers rental service, or handles client equipment for repairs, adding rental and repair coverage to your liability insurance can help protect your company. This specialized coverage includes skis, snowboards, helmets, and other sporting equipment.

Lessons & Tours
Guided tours and instructional lessons are another popular service in the winter sports industry. If you offer them, you may face added risk. This type of coverage protects you in the event that a student or customer is injured or suffers an accident.

Workers' Comp
In the adventure sports business, injuries can happen in an instant. One of your team members could fall while giving a lesson or injure themselves completing a repair. California employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to protect their team and business in case of an accident.

Cyber Liability
If you take credit cards as payment, use software to manage your inventory, or any other use of data, cyber insurance can help protect you from data theft and other online threats.

Commercial Auto
If you or your team members use company vehicles to make deliveries or commute to exhibitions and shows, commercial auto coverage can help protect your vehicles and property.

Your ski or snowboard shop is your livelihood, it's important to carry the right insurance coverage to keep it safe. Learn how you can work with the award--winning team at Aegis to insure your business. Get a quote.




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